Introduction to the "Keys"

       A "key" in this case refers to a set of definitive characters organized to rapidly identify something, such as an insect or the damage it causes to plants. Similar or dissimilar physical characteristics are presented in groups from which the user selects the statement that best describes the insect or plant specimen. Selections are linked to subsequent groups of statements that eventually link to a "bio-capsule" for the insect best described by characters selected by the user. Each bio-capsule is a condensation of biological information, including life cycle, physical descriptions, pest status and color images for insects likely encountered on Florida corn. Select Bio-capsules for a complete listing of those used in this site.

    To make this guide more pragmatic, some of the least common insects have been omitted.  Attempts to identify arthropods found on corn which are not included here will be unsuccessful.  Some insects may be found on corn that are not currently recognized pests, or predators or parasitoids of pests on corn.  These will key out into categories such as "Other flies" or "Other Hemiptera".  Certain types of bees may also be found on corn and these will key out as "Bees".  These categories are not linked to specific bio-capsules, but do verify to the user that other types of insects can be found on Florida corn. 

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