ADULT: These predacious bugs have small, narrow, drab-colored bodies usually 1/2 to 3/8 in. long. Their front legs are usually slightly enlarged for capturing prey. The top of their abdomen is not visible beyond the wing margins. Wings have many cells in distal part of wing. Mouthparts are produced into a 4-segmented beak and there is no groove to receive it on the underside of the thorax.

EGG: Females insert eggs into plant tissue. Nymphs emerge in 7 to 10 d at 81 degrees F.

NYMPH: They look very similar to adults and begin to develop wing buds as they grow. Nymphs complete development in 24 to 31 d at 81 degrees and about 3 to 4 d faster at 86 degrees F.  There is no pupal stage in Nabidae.

HABITS: Damsel bugs tend to be rather timid predators, but consume many small, soft-bodied insects. They suck body fluids from prey, including small moth larvae (first two instars) and aphids.