Dr. Gregg Nuessly

Professor, Center Director

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As Director of the Everglades Research and Education Center, part of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences with the University of Florida, my role is to support the research, extension and teaching goals of our 15 faculty and nearly 100 support staff working at EREC and at the USDA-ARS Sugar Research Lab at Canal Point.  During the next five years, I plan to complete a capital building and facilities enhancement campaign to provide for our current and future programs supporting improvement and sustainability of agricultural production, and conservation of natural resources in the Everglades Agricultural Area.  Projects include a new Outdoor Education Pavilion; remodeled and expanded Molecular Breeding and Plant Pathology Laboratories within the Wedgworth Laboratory, extension and remodel of our Sugar Laboratory within our Farm Shop to expand and modernize the Sugar Laboratory, while also providing new laboratory space for our Sweet Corn Breeding Program and an Insect Mass Production Lab to assist with our breeding programs; and finally to build a new 8-bedroom Dormitory to house the ever expanding number of students, interns, and visiting scientists during their studies at EREC.

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Nur Asbani, PhD Student

Working under the direction of Dr. Gregg Nuessly, Bani's research is on the bioecology and pest status of rust mites on sugarcane. 
Extension Publications (EDIS)
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