Dr. Julien Beuzelin

Assistant Professor, Entomology

Our entomology program addresses arthropod ecology and pest management in crops of the Everglades Agricultural Area. Pests and beneficial organisms occurring in sugarcane, sweet corn, and leafy vegetables are the focus of our research efforts. Our extension efforts ensure that pest management needs are identified, and up-to-date management recommendations are available to our clientele for adoption of sustainable practices.

Program Areas

  • Refining traditional management tactics for pests of sugarcane, sweet corn, and leafy vegetables
  • Monitoring range expansion of invasive insect pestsDetermining the role of selected agroecological factors influencing sugarcane borer populations in Florida sugarcane
  • Studying silk fly biology for sweet corn pest management
  • Identify and prioritize arthropod pest management needs for sugarcane and sweet corn production
  • Update and deliver management recommendations
  • Assess adoption and impact of management recommendations
Graduate Students


Erik Roldan, MS Student

Erik Roldan is a master's student working with Dr. Julien Beuzelin in the Entomology Department. He is working on determining population levels of the sugarcane borer and its biological control agents under current sugarcane production practice in Florida.


Anne Mills, MS Student


Wilfrid Calvin, MS Student

Wilfred Calvin is working with Dr. Julien Beuzelin on the Sugarcane aphid (Melanaphis sacchari) infestation in sorghum. His research project is on the assess-ment of cultural practices, natural enemies, alternate hosts and biological insecticides impact on sugarcane aphids infestations in sorghum in Haiti. Wilfred is doing part of his research in EREC and part in Haiti.