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Extension activities center on a proactive program to deliver the latest information on weed control and related topics to county extension faculty, growers, consultants, agribusiness personnel, and other stakeholders.Modes of delivery include traditional hard-copy publications, grower meetings, field days, and web-based Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS) of the University of Florida-IFAS Extension. See our home page for the Events Calendar.
EDIS Publications (Extension Bulletins)

EDIS Publications (Extension Bulletins)


Weed Management in Florida Sugarcane

Sugarcane Ripeners in Florida

Sugarcane Yellow Leaf Disease

Napiergrass: Biology and Control in Sugarcane

Managing Against the Development of Herbicide Resistant Weeds: Sugarcane

Plantback Restrictions for Herbicides Used in South Florida Sugarcane

Biology and Control of Coast Cockspur in Sugarcane

Biology and Control of Goosegrass in Sugarcane

Biology and Control of Horse Purslane and Common Purslane in Sugarcane

Biology and Control of Sorghum-almum in Sugarcane

Maturity Curves and Harvest Schedule Recommendations for CP Sugarcane Varieties

Nutrient Requirements for Sugarcane Production on Florida Muck Soils

Sugarcane Botany: A Brief View

Sugarcane Yellow Leaf Disease


Weed Management in Rice


Weeds and Epidemiology of Bacterial Leaf Spot of Lettuce in the Everglades Agricultural Area

Weed Control for Winter Faba Bean Cover Crop in South Florida

Nitrogen Cycling and Management for Romaine and Crisphead Lettuce Grown on Organic Soils

Noncrop Areas

Biology and Control of Common Ragweed along Ditch and Canal Banks

Biology and Control of Ragweed Parthenium in Non-Cropland

Bioenergy Crops

Production of Giant Reed for Biofuel

Giant Reed (Arundo donax): Biology, Identification, and Management

Sprayer Calibration

Calibration of Herbicide Applicators

Single-nozzle Backpack or ATV Sprayer Calibration






PowerPoint Presentations

Basic Principles of Weed Management

Best Management Practices for Atrazine and Ametryn

Dissipation of Soil-Applied Sugarcane Herbicides on Organic Soils

Herbicides Used in Florida Sugarcane

Meet the New Weed Scientist

Ragweed Parthenium Control Programs in South Florida

Sugarcane in the EAA

Sugarcane Weed Control - NFREC

Weed Biology and Management

Weed Identification and Common Weeds Associated with Sugarcane

Weeds Commonly Found in Sugarcane

Weed Management Systems in Florida Sugarcane

Vegetable Weed Management

Weeds and Epidemiology of Bacterial Leaf Spot of Lettuce

Weed Management in Landscapes

Sprayer Calibration and Herbicide Stewardship

pplication Equipment and Calibration

Nozzle Selection for Spraying Herbicides

Pesticide Drift Management

Impact of Water Quality on Herbicide Efficacy

Spray Smart Calibration Worksheets (1), (2)

Spray Rodeo Calibration Sheet

Weed Identification Links

Weeds of Southern Turfgrass

Interactive Encyclopedia of North American Weeds

Florida Wetland Plants

General Information

Herbicides: How Toxic Are They?

International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds

Rainfast Time for Postemergence Herbicides Commonly Used in the Everglades Agricultural Area: Quick Reference Sheet