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Eclipta or false daisy, Eclipta prostrata


Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower)

Group: Dicot

Life span: Annual or short-lived perennial

Origin: North America

Growth form: Forb/herb

Prostrate, spreading, or erect, 1 to 5 feet tall, freely branched, greenish to reddish brown or publish, roots at lower nodes of stems. Rough or sand-papery feel on stem from stiff trichomes or hairs. Leaves are opposite, without or with a short petiole, narrow at base, elliptic to much longer than wider, and with stiff hairs on the lower surface. Margins are with sharp teeth pointing toward the apex. Flowers are two solitary heads, green earlier then white with short rays. Roots are fibrous with a shallow taproot or stem nodes. Propagation is by seeds. Leaves and stems turn black when broken from plant.