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Common lambsquarters, Chenopodium album

Family: Chenopodiaceae (Goosefoot)

Group: Dicot

Life span: Annual

Origin: Eurasia

Growth form: Forb/herb

Erect or spreading stem, 3 inches to 6 feet tall, with numerous ascending branches. Stem is often with vertical green or red lines and hairy. Leaves are alternate, simple, with a smooth long stalk or petiole. Leaves are ½ to 3 ¼ inches long, and have a distinctive white mealy or powdery coating on the bottom side of the leaf, and a more waxy-appearing white coating on the upper leaf surface. Leaf edges are smooth to irregularly wavy or toothed. Flowers are small, green, in spikes and arranged along the spreading branches. Seeds are very small (1/16 inch), shiny black, with a gray covering that can be rubbed off mature seed. Roots are fibrous with a short-branched taproot. Propagation is by seed. Often emerges during the winter months in south Florida, and is found in many fields in the early spring.