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Bermudagrass, Cynodon dactylon


Family: Poaceae (Grass)

Group: Monocot

Life span: Perennial

Origin: Eurasia

Growth form: Graminoid

Wiry perennial with spreading rhizomes and stolons. Has a spreading, prostrate to ascending habit. Can form dense mats and may grow erect up to 1 foot tall. Leaves are linear, upper surface sometimes hairy towards base of the blade. Leaf sheaths are normally smooth but may have a few hairs. Top of the sheath bears two clusters of hairs that resemble a cat’s whiskers, one cluster of hairs is on each shoulder. Leaf blades can be flat or rolled, smooth to hairy, up to 3/16 inches wide and 6 inches long. Ligule is an inconspicuous membrane fringed with fine hairs. The seed head has 3 to 7 finger-like branches radiating from a central point at the terminal end of stems.  The numerous tiny seeds hang underneath the branches.  Propagation is primarily by stolons and rhizomes and less commonly by seed.