University of Florida


This guide is an electronic (World Wide Web and CD-ROM) version of IFAS Publication No. SP-22, Florida Tomato Scouting Guide with Insect and Disease Identification Keys, second edition. The purpose of the Guide is to assist scouts in identifying insects and diseases commonly encountered in monitoring tomato fields in Florida. The electronic version is identical to the printed version in content. A few formatting and style changes were made to better accommodate the electronic media.

To make this guide more pragmatic, some of the less common diseases and insects have been omitted. Those that have been included represent the situations most often experienced in Florida tomato fields. Remember that the identification keys are not infallible. Also, attempts to identify tomato pests and beneficials which are not included here will be unsuccessful. Environmental, nutritional and herbicide injury (abiotic) problems are, with few exceptions, not included in this guide.

This guide should also benefit scouts, consultants, and growers in the southeast, southwest, and far west regions of the United States. Problems encountered in the northeast and midwest may be sufficiently different to warrant "use with caution," until local adaptation can be ascertained.

For current, specific PEST CONTROL information, consult your county extension agent or refer to the UF/IFAS Pest Control Guides


We are grateful to the Florida Tomato Committee and the Florida Tomato Exchange for helping defray the costs of preparing and printing the color reproductions of pests and diseases of tomato.

The Plant Pathology, Entomology and Nematology, and Horticulture Sciences departments wish to thank Katrina Vitkus for her cover design and artwork and Mary Chichester for her editorship.