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Verticillium Wilt


Verticillium albo-atrum


Entire plant.


Diurnal wilt and recovery commence at fruit set; a few terminal leaflets and/or most lower leaves exhibit a marginal or interveinal chlorosis of leaflets with fan shaped necrotic lesions developing; plants appear generally stunted with small fruit size; vascular discoloration (tan to brown, close to the base of plant, discoloration is not present in pith or petioles).

Pathogen Spread

Soilborne, sustained by many crop and weed hosts

Favorable Conditions

Occurring primarily in neutral to alkaline soils during 70-75 F. periods of temperature. Usually more of a problem in area 1 (Appendix 9) than in other parts of the state.

Verticillium Wilt Picture

Verticillium Wilt
Image # 117.
Verticillium Wilt
terminal leaf necrosis during wilt progression.