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Tomato Mottle Virus


Tomato mottle


Entire plant


Bright yellow chlorotic mottling on the upper leaves, upward curling of the middle and lower leaves, and a reduction in plant height; moderate to severe stunting.

Pathogen Spread

Vectored by the silverleaf whitefly, previously know as the sweetpotato whitefly, strain "B"; virus has a narrow host range; tomato plants left in the field act as a bridge supporting both whiteflies and the virus for future crop disease; no seed transmission.

Favorable Conditions

Warm conditions that favor buildup of silverleaf whitefly populations.

Tomato Mottle Virus Pictures

tomato mottle virus
Image # 145
Tomato mottle virus-
field symptoms.

tomato mottle virus leaf distortion
Image #146.
Tomato mottle virus-

close up showing marked yellowing and distortion.