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Tobacco Mosaic Virus


Tobacco mosaic


Entire plant


Leaves exhibit light and dark mottling with the dark areas being raised and crinkled; plants appear stunted with some yellow leaf mottling also; fruit deform, spot or streak with the mottling remaining even after ripening often stretching from stem scar to shoulder.

Pathogen Spread

Through abrasions or wounds caused by machinery, workers, pruning or tying operations-even chewing insects; survives infected foliar and root debris or smoking tobacco or in weed hosts. Can occur in all seasons in all tomato-producing areas.

Tobacco Mosaic Virus Pictures

tobacco mosaic virus on leaves
Image #135.
Tobacco mosaic virus-

leaves exhibit a clear mosaic pattern.

tobacco mosaic virus on fruit
Image #135.
Tobacco mosaic virus-

typical mottling symptoms appearing on fruit (courtesy John Paul Jones).