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Target Spot


Corynespora cassicola


Foliar plant parts and fruit.


Leaves develop small brown spots that increases in size with a sunken dull green halo around lesion; old spots develop a white center; fruit spots occur on shoulder initially as white spots that enlarge to a zonate lesion, with a dark green to black appearance.

Pathogen Spread

From crop debris or infected weed or crop hosts; spread by wind or rain splashing.

Favorable Conditions

Moist weather. Most commonly reported from areas 2 and 3 (Appendix 9). Can be especially severe on late fall crops at harvest

Target Spot Pictures

target spot leaves
Image #133.
Target spot-

severe foliage loss from target spot.

target spot on fruit
Image # 134.
Target spot-

fruit infections are zonate sunken and often covered with a gray to green fungal growth.