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Rhizoctonia Soil Rot


Rhizoctonia solani


Seedlings, lower stems, and roots of mature plants, fruit.


Stems develop soil-line crown cankers that girdle the plant causing wilt and death; fruit on, or within splash distance of soil develop small brown sunken spots that enlarge into brown, narrowly zonate spots with definite margins and ruptured epidermis in lesion center; dry rot of green or ripe fruit.

Pathogen Spread

Soilborne and rain-splashed.

Favorable Conditions

Wet, moderately warm (75-80 F.) weather.

Rhizoctonia Soil Rot Picture

Rhizoctonia Soil  Rot
Image # 105.
Rhzoctonia soil rot
fruit develop a dry rot with a definite, narrow zonate appearance on the fruit surface; the buff to brown mycelium of the fungus may be evident where the epidermis has ruptured.