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Fulsarium Wilt


Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici


Roots and crown.


Lower, older leaf chlorosis at first fruit maturity; one sided leaf chlorosis affecting leaflets on one side of petiole or leaves on one side of shoot, increasing mid-day wilt resulting in plant death, vascular discoloration obvious at and above soil line and in petioles.

Pathogen Spread

Soilborne, survives in crop debris, spread by water or equipment moved infested soil.

Favorable Conditions

Light, sandy, acidic to neutral soils; low soil moisture, high potassium-low nitrogen levels, and low light intensity. Ammoniacal nitrogen favors disease severity compared to nitrate nitrogen. Historically most severe in area 4 (Appendix 9).

Fulsarium Wilt Picture

Fulsarium Wilt
Image # 116.
Fulsarium Wilt
internal vascular discoloration a considerable distance up the plant with the discoloration evident in the petiole trace.