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Fulsarium Crown Rot


Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici


Roots and crown.


First appears as marginal chlorosis on oldest leaves at first fruit maturity, followed by a rapid wilt-to-death or slow wilt with upward progression of leaf chlorosis; vascular discoloration evident in stem and/or roots, pith of stem at soil line necrotic, often with external canker or lesion on stem from soil line upward.

Pathogen Spread


Favorable Conditions

Has been associated with particularly cold periods during fruit maturation. Particularly severe in area 2 and 3 (Appendix 9).

Fulsarium Crown Rot Picture

Fulsarium Crown Rot
Image # 104.
Fulsarium drown rot
extreme pith necrosis and vascular discoloration (variable distance up the stem). .