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Cucumber Mosaic Virus


Cucumber mosaic


Entire plant


A "shoestring" appearance of the leaves caused by the reduction of the leaf to a central rib; plants considerably stunted, the internodes of the stems shortened, and the plants appear bushy; leaves are extremely deformed and have a green mosaic pattern. Infected fruit exhibit white-to-yellow rings, areas, or v-shaped line patterns and resemble tomato spotted wilt virus.

Pathogen Spread

Virus has a wide host range including many vegetable crops, weeds, ornamentals and woody and semi-woody plants; transmitted by aphids; not seed transmitted, and does not remain infective long on hands, clothing or soil.

Favorable Conditions

Cool conditions that favor aphid flights.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Picture

shoe string symptoms from cucumber mosaic virus
Image #144.
Cucumber mosaic virus-

note "shoestring" symptoms.