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Buckeye Rot


Phytophthora nicotianae var. parasitica


Fruit primarily.


Blossom end decay of fruit contacting soil directly or as result of rain splashing, fruit lesion usually smooth and unbroken, infected green fruit develop a slightly brown spot that enlarges rapidly into a chocolate-brown, zonate lesion; affected ripe fruit appear water-soaked but lack brown coloration and zonation; leaf or stem infection rare, similar to Late Blight in appearance except no lower leaf surface sporulation.

Pathogen Spread

Soilborne, by direct contact to fruit, or via rain splashing.

Favorable Conditions

Wet soils above 65 F. during prolonged wet periods with temperatures in the 75-85 F. range.

Buckeye Rot Picture

buckey rot
Image #127.
Buckeye Rot-

Fruit rot usually from the blossom end similar to late blight but with broad zonations.