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Bacterial Speck


Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato


Foliar plant parts and fruit.


Foliar lesions are small (1/8 in) and dark brown, fruits spots are 1/16 in. in size or less, sunken, with a dark green halo, penetrating into the fruit epidermis.

Pathogen Spread

Bacterium can be seedborne or transplant-borne and is rain-splashed into stomates of foliage or wounds or insect punctures on young fruit. It can be spread readily by workers or machinery especially when plants are wet.

Favorable Conditions

Cool, wet, windy weather. Wet, cool winters in areas 1 and 3 in particular (appendix 9).

Bacterial Speck Picture

bacterial speck damage
Image # 120.
Bacterial Speck
small leaf lesions are indistinguishable from bacterial spot; fruit spots are 1/16 in. sunken with a dark green halo.