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Tomato Plant Bug

Cyrtopeltis spp.

  • Adult: small (5/64 in.) green, rapidly moving insect with thickened (basal half) part of forewing divided into 2 sections.
  • Nymph: like adult but without fully developed wings.
  • Damage: may cause flowers to drop by puncturing peduncles.
  • Prey: may feed on aphids and whiteflies. Noted in the Caribbean and in organic farms in south Florida.

Tomato Plant Bug Pictures

Tomato Plant Bug Pictures
Image #39.
Tomato plant bug - may be abundant where pesticides are not used:

a) nymph is like adult but without wings;

b) adult has elongated, greenish to brownish body and moves rapidly;

c) both adults and nymphs girdle stems with piercing-sucking mouthparts
(courtesy of D. Dean).