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Tomato Pinworm

Keiferia lycopersicella

  • Adult: small gray moth, 3/8 - 1/2 in. wing span, active at dusk.
  • Egg: small (1/64 in.), pale yellow to orange, found singly or grouped in 2 - 3's usually on lower surface of foliage, hatch in 4-9 days.
  • Larva: purplish-gray, 3/8 in. at maturity, found in blotch mines, leaf fold or fruit, larval stage lasts 8-20 days.
  • Pupa: formed in loose pupal cell near soil surface, adult emerges in 16-37 days.
  • Generation Time: 28-67 days.
  • Damage: blotch mining and folding of leaves, small holes (pin size) in fruit. Important pest in south and central Florida.

Tomato Pinworm Pictures

Image #28.
Tomato pinworm

a) adult hides in lower canopy and becomes active at dusk;

b) egg has no ridges and is laid singly, usually on lower surfaces of upper leaves (courtesy of E. Vasquez);

c) newly hatched larva bores into leaflet forming a blotch mine.

Tomato Pinworm
Image #29.

Tomato Pinworm

mature larva is purplish-gray and forms leaf rolls of foliage or bores into fruit;

mature larva may bore into the fruit under the calyx, the preferred point of entry.