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Stink Bug, Southern Green

Nezara viridula

  • Adult: green, shield-shaped bugs, 1/2 - 2/3 in. long.
  • Egg: barrel-shaped, found on underside of leaves in masses of 10-50.
  • Nymph: similar in shape to adults, but wingless, brightly colored, black, green, and orange, mottled with white.
  • Generation Time: 35-42 days.
  • Damage: nymphs and adults suck juices from green fruit causing a lightened, sometimes depressed blotch beneath fruit surface.

Stink Bug Pictures

Southern Green Stinkbug
Image #25.
Southern green stink bug -

a) barrel-shaped eggs are laid adjacent to one another often on lower surfaces of leaves;

b) adults are shield-like in shape with a large, triangular scutellum.

Brown Stinkbug
Image #30.
Green and brown stink bugs (brown stink bug shown) - nymphs are colored differently than adults and lack wings and the large, triangular scutellum.

Tomatoes with Stinkbug Damage
Image #19.
Stink bug - adults and nymphs use piercing-sucking mouthparts to cause a lightened, and sometimes depressed, blotchy area under fruit surface.