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Pomace (Fruit) Flies

Drosophila (spp.)

  • Adult: yellowish or brownish, 1/8 in. length.
  • Egg: whitish, elongate, laid in fruit near cracked or rotten spots.
  • Larva: white maggots with black mouth hooks feeding in rotten fruit.
  • Pupa: yellow to brownish, near larvae.
  • Damage: secondary on damaged or rotten fruit.

Fruit Fly Pictures

Fruit Fly
Image #40.

Fruit Flies-
may be common in fields with ripe fruit but it is not a pest.

egg has spiracular tubes for air exchange in damaged or rotting fruit;

b) larva is a legless maggot;

c) adults are attracted to damaged or rotting fruit

(Photo courtesy of E. Vasquez).