University of Florida

Parasites of Leafminers

Diglyphus, Neochrysocaris, Oenonogastra, Halticoptera (beneficial)

  • Adult: small black or metallic chalcid wasp.
  • Egg: Laid in or on leafminer larva.
  • Larva: develops in or on leafminer larva or pupa.
  • Pupa: pupates in or near host remains.
  • Generation Time: 11-21 days
  • Hosts: leafminer larvae or pupae.

Picture of Digylphus

Diglyphus wasp
Image # 9. Diglyphus
one of the most abundant parasites attacking the vegetable leafminer in Florida completes its development within the leafmine:

a) adult ovipositing next to leafminer larva (courtesy C. Sutherland);

b) parasite larva feeding externally on leafminer larva;

c) parasite pupa in leafmine surrounded by black waste droplets (meconium pillars).