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Leaffooted Bugs


  • Adult: related to stinkbugs but longer, dark with parallel sides. Three species attack tomato in Florida, two of which have leaf-shaped hind tibia (lower leg).
  • Egg: metallic and ovate but somewhat flattened laterally; laid linearly or in clusters.
  • Nymph: oblong in shape, red, especially on abdomen, wings not fully developed.
  • Damage: punctures which later become surrounded by discolored zone due to invasion of secondary pathogens. Damaged fruit may also become distorted.

Leaffooted Bug Pictures

Leaffooted Bug Pictures
Image #20.
Leaffooted bugs - are not usually common but can be locally abundant -

a) eggs are usually metallic and deposited on foliage or stems;

b) nymphs are unlike adults and are usually reddish-orange;

c) adult of a common species with flattened hind tibia, but not all species have this characteristic; d) feeding on fruit with piercing-sucking mouthparts causes pitting, distortion and discoloration.