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Lady Beetles

Coccinellidae (beneficial)

  • Adult: semi-hemispherical, tan, black or red, and spotted or marked with contrasting colors of red, black, yellow or white, 1/16 - 1/4 in. long.
  • Egg: elongate, yellow, laid on end in cluster.
  • Larva: elongate, tapering posterior, generally dark with bright markings, and may be covered with spines.
  • Pupa: found on foliage.
  • Generation Time: 21-28 days
  • Prey: insect eggs, aphids, mites, whitefly immature stages and small caterpillars.

Lady Beetle Pictures

Lady Beetle
Image #16.
Lady beetle-

a) eggs are generally yellow and oblong and deposited in small clusters;

larvae are alligator-shaped with bright markings;

adults are small, hemispherical beetles with contrasting spots or marks.