University of Florida

Garden Fleahopper

Halticus bractatus

  • Adult: dark, male winged, elongate; female like male or oblong with short, non-functional wings. Thickened (basal half) part of forewing divided into two sections like tomato plant bug. Winged forms reach 1/16 - 1/8 in. Hind legs enlarged for jumping.
  • Nymph: like short-winged female, but smaller.
  • Damage: sucks plant sap leaving irregular blotchy areas on upper surface of leaves. Minor pest in Florida.

Garden Fleahopper Picture

Garden Fleahopper adult
Image #3.
Garden fleahopper-

a) adult with expanded hind femur readily jumps or runs when disturbed but rarely flies (courtesy of E. Vasquez);

b) blotchy feeding damage is inflicted on upper leaf surface with sucking mouthparts.