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Feltia subterranea (granulate cutworm)

  • Adult: dark moths with hind wings lighter in color than front wings, active at night.
  • Larva: dull-colored caterpillars, the granulate cutworm with chevron-like markings on dorsal surface, up to 2 in. long at maturity, hide in soil or debris during the day and feed at night.
  • Pupa: brown, found in soil.
  • Damage: cut stems of young plants at ground level, consume foliage and fruit of older plants, especially where fields are not fumigated. Granulate cutworm more common on non-staked tomatoes feeding on foliage and fruit.

Cutworm Pictures

cutworm larva
Image #13.
Cutworm - larva

cuts seedlings at soil surface, primarily in tomatoes grown on non-fumigated soil.

cutworm larva

Image #14.
Granulate cutworm larva -
most common cutworm on non-staked tomatoes. Feeds on foliage and fruit touching soil or mulch surface.