University of Florida

Cucumber Beetle, Striped

Acalymma vittata

  • Adult: black with longitudinal, white-striped elytra (hard front wings), about 1/5 in. long.
  • Egg: orange-yellow, usually laid at the base of plants, below the soil line.
  • Larva: about 1/3 in. long, whitish, slender, wormlike; a pair of blunt prolegs on last body segment.
  • Pupa: whitish pupal case.
  • Damage: like banded cucumber beetle. Minor pest in Florida.

Striped Cucumber Beetle Picture

Striped Cucumber Beetle
caption for banded cucumber beetle, Image # 43

(Photo Courtesty of John Capinera, Entomology and Nematology Department, University of Florida.)