University of Florida

Appendix 7: Abridged Pest Codes

Diseases Code
Insects Code
Alternaria/Miner complex Alt/M Aphids Ap
Bacterial speck BSk Armyworm Aw
Bacterial spot BSp Cucumber beetle Cu
Bacterial wilt BW Cutworm CW
Black shoulder BSh Eastern Flower Thrips EFT
Blossom-end rot BER Florida Flower Thrips FFT
Buckeye rot Buc Fruitworm Fw
Catface Cf Green lacewing Gr
Cucumber mosaic virus CMV Lady beetles LB
Damping-off Dam Leafminer Lm
Early blight EBl Loopers Lo
Erwinia soft rot ESR Mites Mts
Fusarium crown rot FCR Pinworm Pw
Fusarium wilt Fus Predatory spiders Spi
Gray mold GMo Silverleaf whitefly SWf
Late blight LBl Snails and Slugs SS
Leaf mold LMo Stink bugs Sb
Other nematodes Nem Tomato hornworm Thw
Phoma Pho Western Flower Thrips WFT
Potato virus Y PVY
Pseudocurly top virus PcTV
Rhizoctonia soil rot Rhi
Root knot nematode RKN
Sclerotinia stem rot Scl
Southern blight Sou
Sunscald Sun
Target spot Tar
Tobacco etch virus TEV
Tobacco mosaic virus TMV
Tomato mottle virus TMoV
Tomato pith necrosis TPN
Tomato spotted wilt TSW
Tomato yellows TYV
Verticillium wilt Ver
Virus Vir