University of Florida
Graduate Students

  • José V. Fernández José V. Fernández, PhD Student

    José V. Fernández completed his MS degree at UF and is a PhD student studying with Dr. Calvin Odero. His project is “Fall Panicum (Panicum dichotomiflorum Michx.) Management in the Everglades Agricultural Area.”

    Stephen Jennewein Stephen Jennewein, PhD Student

    Stephen Jennewein completed his MS Degree and started his doctoral degree in the Soil and Water Science Department; Dr. Samira Daroub is his advisor. Steve is working on sustainable soil management practices.

    Nur Asbani Nur Asbani, PhD Student

    Nur Asbani is working under the supervision of Dr. Gregg Nuessly in the Entomology Department. Bani’s research is on the bioecology and pest status of rust mites on sugarcane.

    Anne Sexton Anne Sexton, PhD Student

    Anne Sexton is seeking ways to reduce phosphorus in agricultural canal sediment. She is a PhD student in the Soil and Water Science Department and works under the direction of Dr. Samira Daroub.

    Wardatou Boukari Wardatou Boukari, PhD Student

    Wardatou Boukari has begun her doctoral studies under the direction of Dr. Philippe Rott in the EREC Plant Pathology Department. She is currently conducting transmission studies of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus (SCYLV) in Florida.

    Bhim Chaulagain Bhim Chaulagain, PhD Student

    Bhim Chaulagain is working on his PhD studies under the supervision of plant pathologists, Dr. Philippe Rott and Dr. Richard Raid; Dr. Nicholas Dufauld is also one of his advisors. His project involves the management of sugarcane rusts using fungicides, and Bhim is also developing a prediction model for sugarcane rust diseases.

    Santosh Sanjel Santosh Sanjel, MS Student

    Santosh Sanjel is conducting his MS research on the variation of virulence of the pathogens causing brown rust and orange rust of sugarcane in Florida. Santosh is working under the supervision of Dr. Philippe Rott in the Plant Pathology Department.

    Andres Rodriguez Andrés Rodríguez, PhD Student

    Andrés Rodríguez is a Soil and Water Science Department student working on soil subsidence and soil carbon under the supervision of Dr. Samira Daroub and Dr. Stefan Gerber.


    Murali Vuyyuru Murali Vuyyuru, PhD Student

    Murali Vuyyuru is a graduate student working on his PhD in Agronomy. He is conducting research to determine the causes of yield decline in successively planted sugarcane and development of management practices to minimize or avoid this decline in yield. He is working under the supervision of Dr. Hardev Sandhu.

    Joaquin Saavadra Joaquin Saavadra, MS Student

    Joaquin Saavedra is a master's student working with Dr. Mabry McCray in the Agronomy Department. He is working on a project with P and K rates for sugarcane grown in mineral soils in the EAA.



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