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New Soil and Water Scientist at EREC

Dr. Benhadir (Jango) Bhadha

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Jango Bhadha as our newest EREC faculty member.  He has accepted the Assistant Professor position filling the position left open when Dr. Alan Wright transferred to IRREC.  He will officially start the position on December 18, 2015.

Dr. Bhadha’s research priorities are in the field of water quality, soil sustainability and sustainable agriculture. He received his Bachelor of Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India in the field of Geology with a minor in Gemology. He graduated with a Master’s degree from UF majoring in Geological Sciences and a minor in Environmental Engineering. In 2005 Dr. Bhadha joined UF - Soil and Water Science Department to pursue a PhD. His research focused on phosphorus cycling within isolated wetlands in the Lake Okeechobee drainage basin area.

Between 2009-2013 Dr. Bhadha served two Postdoctoral assignments, one in Gainesville and another at the Everglades Research and Education Center (EREC) in Belle Glade, Florida. In 2013 Dr. Bhadha was appointed as a Research Assistant Scientist at EREC focused primarily on developing Best Management Practices to reduce phosphorus loads from farm canals in the Everglades Agricultural Area.


Rena Borkhataria completes Extension Faculty Development Academy at University of Florida

Anne Sexton, left, with Dr. Samira Daroub, in the exhibit hall of the Minneapolis Convention Center

Anne Sexton wins 3rd place in poster presentation contest

Congratulations to graduate student Anne Sexton! Winner 3rd place poster presentation contest of the 2015 Wetland Soils Division Graduate student presentation contests held at the Annual Meeting of ASA, CSSA, and SSSA, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in November.

Anne is shown here with her advisor, Dr. Samira Daroub, in the exhibit hall. Ann’s poster is titled: Controlling Floating Aquatic Vegetation to Reduce Labile Phosphorus Pools in Drainage Canal Sediments. Coauthors are: Jehangir Bhadha, Timothy Lang, and Samira Daroub.


Rena Borkhataria completes Extension Faculty Development Academy at University of Florida

Ronald Cherry, Entomologist, during the 2015 Filed Day at EREC

Ronald Cherry in The Palm Beach Post

Our Entomologist Ron Cherry speaks with Susan Salisbury from The Palm Beach Post about the reasearches related to the lovebug. More...


Rena Borkhataria completes Extension Faculty Development Academy at University of Florida

Rena Borkhataria, fourth from left, middle row.

Rena Borkhataria completes Extension Faculty Development Academy at University of Florida

Rena Borkhataria, Assistant Research Professor, who recently participated in two orientation and training sessions for new county extension faculty at the University of Florida in Gainesville, will be publicly recognized at a statewide extension conference next August and will receive a Certificate of Completion from Dr. Nick Place, Dean for the Florida Cooperative Extension Service.

The two multi-day training sessions were held in Gainesville over a six-month period. The sessions provided new faculty in UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences with a detailed overview of UF’s statewide Extension Service, which has offices in all 67 counties. Faculty also completed six hours of online work focused on building teaching and learning expertise, which complemented the face to face trainings, and participated in two online seminars.

Place said the training is designed to increase faculty understanding of their roles and responsibilities as a UF county faculty member. The training helps new faculty build the skills they will use when designing and delivery educational programs, so that those programs will have a significant positive impact on addressing local and statewide needs.

“In addition to training, the sessions help faculty develop their individual plans of work focused in their areas of expertise,” he said. “This has resulted in greater knowledge, understanding and skill development – things that translate into more effective programs for residents of Florida .”

UF/IFAS Extension, based in Gainesville, provides a wide range of educational programs for residents in both rural and urban areas. Faculty provide residents and producers with expertise in areas such as agriculture, nutrition, financial management, youth development, environmental horticulture, community development, and natural resource management.

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