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UF assistant professor wins national agronomy award for innovative sugarcane research

2017 American Society of Agronomy (ASA) Early Career Professional Award presented to Dr. Hardev Sandhu by ASA President, Dr. Jessica Davis

This award recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution in agronomy with seven years of completing their final degree (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) ASA Annual Conference. Additional ASA and Award information

2018 Early Career Scientist Seed Grant awarded to Dr. German Sandoya Miranda for: Identifying Lettuce Cultivars with low input of Phosphorus at high soil ph

Florida First Detector Training Workshop November 1st at EREC

Old World Bollworm, Mexican Rice borer, thrips, scale insects, planthoppers, and emerging and invasive pathogens were among the topics presented to participants at this workshop.


Silk Fly Research at EREC with Robert Beiriger:


Anhiga bird in the Everglades National parkUF/IFAS Program Highly Successful in Keeping Phosphorus Out of the Everglades


Mexican Rice Borer

Mexican rice borer (Eoreuma loftini), discovered in Florida in March 2012, has now been found in 4 counties: Levy, Marion, Citrus and Sumter.  The stalk-boring larvae of this species feed in cultivated grass crops such as sugarcane, rice, corn, sorghum and sudangrass, but also feed in landscape plants such as pampasgrass. (Distribution map updated 02/05/15) More...  


lovebug trapResearch on Love Bugs

Dr. Ron Cherry, and Biologist, Alvin Wilson, are conducting field trials to help homeowners enjoy their yards more during lovebug season by finding a better lovebug trap.

Barn Owl Research Updates

An experiment is currently underway to determine if rodent populations can be reduced by Barn Owl predation. More...

sugarcane harvestSugarcane Handbook

Use this guide to learn about growing sugarcane, varieties, combating pests, economics, and soil conditions. More...


ISSCT X Entomology

December 3-7, 2018
Belle Glade and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

Florida Agriculture

Agriculture, natural resources and related industries are an economic powerhouse in Florida, providing more than 2 million jobs, $141.8 billion in direct output (revenues), $119.9 billion in value added contributions, and accounting for 14.9 percent of total economic activity in 2012. More...

Did You Know?

The Everglades REC is situated on approximately 800 acres; 420 sugarcane acres are planted in sugarcane, 45 in vegetable research. More...

Solutions for
Your Life

UF/IFAS Extension launches an easy-to-use, comprehensive Web site, Solutions for Your Life.  More...