University of Florida

Jennifer Cooper

Postdoctoral Associate

Specialty: Biogeochemistry of agricultural and human waste remediation

Active Projects

  • Best management practices to reduce Everglades Agricultural Area farm phosphorus loads using floating aquatic vegetation.

Selected Publications

  • Cooper JA, Morales I, Amador JA. Nitrogen transformations in different types of soil treatment areas receiving domestic wastewater. Ecological Engineering. 2016 Sep 30;94:22-9.

  • Morales I, Cooper J, Amador JA, Boving TB. Modeling Nitrogen Losses in Conventional and Advanced Soil-Based Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems under Current and Changing Climate Conditions. PloS one. 2016 Jun 29;11(6):e0158292.

  • Cooper JA, Loomis GW, Kalen DV, Amador JA. Evaluation of water quality functions of conventional and advanced soil-based onsite wastewater treatment systems. Journal of environmental quality. 2015;44(3):953-62.

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