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Samira Daroub

Professor, Soil & Water Science
Specialty: Soil Science

Research Focus

Phosphorus chemistry and transformation in organic soils; Best Management Practices to reduce phosphorus loads in the Everglades Agricultural Area; computer simulation models to predict phosphorus availability to plants as well as in environmental applications.

Active Research Projects

  1. Implementation and Verification of BMPs To Reduce Everglades Agricultural Area Farm P Loads:Floating Aquatic Vegetation Impact on Farm P Load:
    The goal of this research is improved management of floating aquatic vegetation (FAV) in Everglades Agricultural Area farm canals. The hypothesis of the research is that FAV-free canals will be found to produce more cohesive, less reactive sediments due to increased light penetration resulting from the change in farm canal aquatic plant community.
  2. Synoptic sediment collection and analysis investigation of the primary canals in two of the Eastern sub basins.
    The objective of this research is characterize the sediments in the Eastern EAA Sub-Basins at two major canals: the West Palm Beach and the Hillsborough Canals during the wet and dry season
  3. Water and Livelihood Initiative (WLI) in Middle East.
    The goal of the WLI is to improve the livelihoods of rural households and communities in areas where water scarcity, land degradation, water quality deterioration, food security and health problems are prevalent in the seven participating countries (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and Yemen), focusing initially on specific benchmark sites. This project is directed by ICARDA (International Center for Research in the Dry Areas) and funded by USAID (US Agency for International Development). There are 7 participating US universities (U of Florida, U of California, Davis, U of California, Riverside, Texas A&M, Utah State U, and U of Illinois). In addition, there are several Middle Eastern Universities participating


For syllabus and registration information please visit:

  • SWS 3022: Introduction to Soils in the Environment – offered though Distance Education – Videoconference & Internet sections. Offered every spring semester.
  • SWS 3022L- Introduction to Soils in the Environment Laboratory at Ft Lauderdale REC. Offered every spring semester.
  • SWS 4116- Environmental Nutrient Management - offered though Distance Education – Videoconference & Internet sections. Offered even fall semester.
  • SWS 5050- Soils for Environmental Professionals. Web class. Offered every spring semester.
  • SWS 5115- Environmental Nutrient Management. Web class. Offered even fall semester
  • SWS 5406- Soil and Water Chemistry. Web class.  Offered odd  fall semester

Selected Publication

  • Jaya Das, Samira H. Daroub, Jehangir H. Bhadha, Timothy A. Lang & Manohardeep Josan. 2012. Phosphorus Release and Equilibrium Dynamics of Canal Sediments within the Everglades Agricultural Area, Florida, Water, Air and Soil Pollution 223:2865–2879.
  • Jaya Das, Samira H. Daroub, Jehangir H. Bhadha, Timothy A. Lang,Orlando Diaz & Willie Harris. 2012.  Physicochemical assessment and phosphorus storage of canal sediments within the Everglades Agricultural Area, Florida. Journal of Soils and Sediments: Volume 12, Issue 6 (2012), Page 952-965.
  • Bhadha, J.H., Daroub, S. H, Lang, T.A. 2012. Effect of kinetic control, soil:solution ratio, electrolyte cation, and others, on equilibrium phosphorus concentration. Geoderma 173-174: 209-214.
  • Daroub, S.H., Van Horn, S., Lang, T.A.  , and Diaz, O.A   2011. Best management practices and long-term water quality trends in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 41 (6):608-632.
  • McGroary, P.C.  , Cisar, J.L., Snyder, G.H., Erickson, J.E., Sartain, J.B and Daroub, S.H. 2011. Water use of St. Augustine grass and Bahiagrass under varying nitrogen rates. Agronomy Journal 103:100-106.
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  • Note:  S. H. Daroub and S. Darub are the same author
  • Ryan, J. Hamze, M., Darub, S. and Harik, S. N. 1986. Nutrient availability in an incubated urea phosphate-treated calcareous soils. Journal of Fertilizer Issues 3:146-150.

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Samira Daroub