University of Florida

Rena R. Borkhataria

Research Assistant Professor

Director and National Coordinator, Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program Collaborative


Specialty: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation


Active Projects

  • Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program : A Collaboration between UF, UI, UA, CU, and NCSU
  • Everglades Restoration Modeling: Wading Birds
  • Washo Preserve Wood Stork Telemetry Study
  • Wood Stork Spatial Data Visualization and Modeling
  • Synthesis of Everglades Ecosystem Restoration and Services (SERES): Wading Birds
  • Wood Stork Banding and Monitoring

Web Pages

Selected Publications

  • Bryan Jr., A. L. and R. R. Borkhataria. 2013. Characterization of tidally influenced Wood Stork foraging habitats in Georgia. Southeastern Naturalist 124: 843-850.

  • Borkhataria, R.R., P.C. Frederick, and A.L. Bryan, Jr. 2013. Movements and habitat use by fledgling Wood Storks (Mycteria americana) prior to dispersal from the natal colony. Waterbirds 36:409-417.

  • Borkhataria, R.R., P.C. Frederick, R.A. Keller.  2012.  Regional wetland hydrology influences habitat use and postfledging survival of Wood Storks (Mycteria americana) in Florida, USA.  Auk 129:517-528.

  • Borkhataria, R.R., J.C. Collazo, and M.C. Groom.  2012.  Species abundances and potential biological control services in shade vs. sun coffee in Puerto Rico. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and the Environment 151:1-5.

  • Borkhataria, R.R., J.A. Collazo, M.J. Groom, and A. Jordan-Garcia.  2012.  Shade-grown coffee in Puerto Rico: opportunities to preserve biodiversity while reinvigorating a struggling agricultural commodity.  Agriculture, Ecosystems, and the Environment 149:164-170.

  • Borkhataria, R.R., G.S. Nuessly, E. Pearlstine, R. Cherry. 2012. Effects of blackbirds (Agelaius phoenicius) on stink bug (Hemiptera:Pentatomidae) populations, damage, and yield in Florida rice. Florida Entomologist 95:143-149.

  • Frederick, P., A. Campbell, N. Jayasena, and R. Borkhataria.  2011. Survival of White Ibises (Eudocimus albus) in response to chronic experimental methylmercury exposure.  Ecotoxicology 20:358-364.

  • Borkhataria, R.R., P.C. Frederick, R.A. Hylton, A.L. Bryan, Jr., and J.A. Rodgers, Jr.  2008.  A preliminary model of Wood Stork (Mycteria americana) population dynamics in the Southeastern United States.  Waterbirds 31:42-49.

  • Borkhataria, R.R., J. Collazo, and M.J. Groom.  2006.  Additive effects of vertebrate predators on insects in a Puerto Rican coffee plantation.  Ecological Applications 16(2):696-703.

  • Czech, B. and R.R. Borkhataria.  2001.  The relationship of political party affiliation to wildlife conservation attitudes. Politics and the Life Sciences.  20(1):3-12.

  • Czech, B., P.R. Krausman, and R. Borkhataria.  1998.  Social construction, political power, and allocation of benefits to endangered species.  Conservation Biology 12: 1103-1112.

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Rena R. Borkhataria