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Philippe Charles Rott

Specialty: Plant Pathology

Research & Extension

Sugarcane is the host of numerous pathogens and Florida’s weather conditions such as relatively high temperatures and humidity are very conducive to disease epidemics. We conduct research on the biology and genetics of host-pathogen interactions in order to better control sugarcane diseases in Florida. Special emphasis is given to the study of orange rust (caused Puccinia kuehnii) and yellow leaf of sugarcane (caused by Sugarcane yellow leaf virus), two diseases that are current limiting factors of the local sugarcane production. Research includes characterization of pathogen population structures (variability in pathogen virulence, genetic diversity), identification and characterization of disease resistance and epidemiological characteristics. We also study the impact of these diseases on yield of the major sugarcane cultivars grown in Florida and the impact of management measures (growth of resistant cultivars, fertilization, planting date) to control these diseases.


Selected Publications

  • Rott P.C., Girard J.C., Comstock J.C., 2013. Impact of pathogen genetics on breeding for resistance to sugarcane diseases. Proceedings International Society of Sugarcane Technologists Congress 28:PL07 (USB key; Plenary session paper).
  • Rott P., Fleites L., Mensi I., Sheppard L., Daugrois J. H., Dow J. M., Gabriel D.W., 2013. The RpfCG two-component system negatively regulates the colonization of sugarcane stalks by Xanthomonas albilineans. Microbiology SGM 159:1149-1159.
  • Fleites L., Mensi I., Gargani D., Zhang S., Rott P., Gabriel D.W., 2013. Xanthomonas albilineans OmpA1 appears to be functionally modular and both the OMC and C-like domains are necessary for leaf scald disease of sugarcane. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (in press).
  • Daugrois J. H., Boisne-Noc R., Rott P., 2013. Leaf surface colonization of sugarcane by Xanthomonas albilineans and subsequent disease progress vary according to the host cultivar. Plant Disease (in press).
  • Pieretti I., Royer M., Barbe V., Carrere S., Koebnik R., Couloux A., Darrasse A., Gouzy J., Jacques M.A., Lauber E., Manceau C., Mangenot S., Poussier S., Segurens B., Szurek B., Verdier V., Arlat M., Gabriel D.W., Rott P., Cociancich S., 2012. Genomic insights into strategies used by Xanthomonas albilineans with its reduced artillery to spread within sugarcane xylem vessels. BMC Genomics 13:658.
  • Girard J.C., Fernandez E., Daugrois J.H., Roques D., Roumagnac P., Rott P., 2012. Genetic diversity of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus in a sugarcane selection plot in Guadeloupe (FWI). International Sugar Journal 114(1358):96-100.
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  • Rott P., Fleites L., Marlow G., Royer M., Gabriel D.W., 2011. Identification of new candidate pathogenicity factors in the xylem-invading pathogen Xanthomonas albilineans by transposon mutagenesis. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 24:594-605.
  • Daugrois J.H., Edon-Jock C., Bonoto S., Vaillant J., Rott P., 2011. Spread of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus in disease-free sugarcane plots is linked to rainfall and host resistance in the humid tropical environment of Guadeloupe. European Journal of Plant Pathology 129:71-80.
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Philippe C. Rott