University of Florida

Huangjun Lu

Assistant Professor
Specialty: Horticulture

Note: A PhD Assistantship is available in January 2015. Students with a MS degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics, and experience in molecular markers may apply. For additional information email Dr. Lu. (

Active Projects

Research: The research that are being conducted in my laboratory include genetic improvement of lettuce and development of St. Augustine grass cultivars through conventional and molecular breeding technologies. Currently we are screening our germplasm pool for sources of resistance to bacterial leaf spot, downy mildew, corky root rot, and insects in lettuce, and chinch bugs in St. Augustine grass. The germplasm lines that show resistance to diseases/insects will be used for development of disease/insect-resistant varieties and for investigation on genetic basis of resistance.

Extension: My extension responsibility is to provide educational programming for production of lettuce and vegetative propagation of St. Augustine grass. I work closely with growers and the area vegetable crop agent to address crop production questions.

Selected Publications

  • Lu, H., J. Hu, and S.-J. Kwon. 2014.  Association analysis of bacterial leaf spot resistance and SNP markers derived from expressed sequence tags (ESTs) in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). Molecular Breeding (in press)
  • Lu, H., and R. Raid. 2013.  A novel screening method for evaluation of lettuce germplasm for bacterial leaf spot resistance. HortScience 48(2): 171-174.
  • Mulkey, S.E., M.C. Zuleta, G.A. Van Esbroeck, H. Lu, K.E. Kenworthy, and S.R. Milla-Lewis. 2013. Genetic analysis of a St. Augustinegrass germplasm collection using AFLP markers and flow cytometry. Int. Turfgrass Soc. Res. J. 12:281-291.
  • Lu, Huangjun and Ron Cherry. 2012. New sources of Southern Chinch Bug (Hemiptera : Blissidae) resistance in St. Augustinegrass varieties. J. Entomol. Sci. 47(4): 291-296.
  • Boucias, Drion G., Alejandra Garcia-Maruniak, Ron Cherry, Huangjun Lu, James E. Maruniak, and Verena-Ulrike Lietze. 2012. Detection and Characterization of Bacterial Symbionts in the Heteropteran, Blissus insularis. FEMS microbiology Ecology 82: 629-641.
  • Lu, Huangjun, Rebecca Kottke,  Ravindra Devkota, Paul St. Amand, Amy Bernardo, Guihua Bai, Patrick Byrne, Terry Joe Martin, Scott D. Haley, and Jackie Rudd. 2012. Consensus mapping and identification of markers for marker-assisted selection of Wsm2 in wheat. Crop Sci. 52: 720-728.
  • Cherry, Ron, Huangjun Lu, Alan Wright, Pamela Roberts, and Yigang Luo. 2012. Effect of silicon on resistance of St. Augustinegrass to Southern Chinch Bugs (Hemiptera: Blissidae) and plant disease. J. Entomol. Sci. 47(1): 17-26.
  • Lu, H., A.L. Wright, and D.D. Sui. 2011. Responses of lettuce cultivars to insect pests in southern Florida. Hort Technol. 21:773-778.
  • Lu, Huangjun, Jacob Price, Ravindra Devkota, Charlie Rush, and Jackie Rudd. 2011. A dominant gene for resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus in winter wheat line CO960293-2. Crop Sci., 51:5-12.
  • Faris, J. D., Z. Zhang, H. Lu,  S. Lu,  L. Reddy, S. Cloutier, J. P. Fellers, S. W. Meinhardt, J. B. Rasmussen, S. S. Xu, R. H. Oliver, K. J. Simons, and T. L. Friesen. 2010. A unique wheat disease resistance-like gene governs effector-triggered susceptibility to necrotrophic pathogens. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107: 13544-13549.
  • Faris, J.D., H.J. Lu, Z. Zhang, L. Reddy, Z.H. Liu, S.S. Xu, C.C. Chu, N. Abeysekara, J.P. Fellers, S. Cloutier, B. Keller, S.R. Scofield, and T.L. Friesen. 2008. Genetics of host-pathogen interaction in the wheat-Stagonospora nodorum pathosystem. Proc. of the 11th International Wheat Genetics Symposium, Vol 1:78-81 (Invited).
  • Liu, S., Z.A. Abate, H. Lu, T. Musket, G.L. Davis, and A.L. McKnedry. 2007. QTL associated with Fusarium head blight resistance in the soft red winter wheat Ernie. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 115 (3): 417-427.
  • Lu, Huangjun, John P. Fellers, Timothy L. Friesen, Steven W. Meinhardt, and Justin D. Faris. 2006. Genomic analysis and marker development for the Tsn1 locus in wheat using bin-mapped ESTs and flanking BAC contigs. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 112 (6): 1132-1142.
  • Lu, Huangjun and Justin D. Faris. 2006. Macro- and Microcolinearity between the genomic region of wheat chromosome 5B containing the Tsn1 gene and the rice genome. Functional and Integrative Genomics 6: 90-103.

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Huangjun Lu