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The weed biology, management, and ecology portion of the research program focuses on integrated weed management approaches for sugarcane and other crops grown in rotation with it in the EAA.
Current Projects

Sugarcane response and weed control in response to s-metolachlor + atrazine + mesotrione

Timing of fall panicum control in sugarcane with asulam

Response of fall panicum biotyes to asulam

Fomesan and s-metolachlor for weed control in snap beans

Lettuce response and weed control in response to imazethapyr, oxyfluorfen, pronamide and bensulide

Dissipation of terbacil on high organic matter soil

Dissipation of fomesafen on high organic matter soil

Influence of incorporation on dissipation of pendimethalin on organic soils

Effect of water table on influence of fall panicum interferance in sugarcane

Response of seedling Sorghum almum to asulam and trifloxysulfuron